One Lovely Blog Award


I got tagged for the One Lovely Blog Award by the amazing Ranu from The Araliya Bookshelf. She is a kind person who befriended me over Twitter when I first started my blog and made me more excited about being in the blogosphere. Please visit her blog, she's a Sri Lankan book reader :)

While I don't know if I can nominate 15 other bloggers, because I'm still a newb and don't know that many, I do think this is a great opportunity to let you all get to know me better. Also feel free to tell me about yourself in the comments, I would love to learn more about you!

The Rules:

  1. Thank whoever nominated you
  2. List Rules and display award 
  3. Give Seven Facts.
  4. Nominate 15 other bloggers and notify them
  5. Display award photo and follow the blogger who notified you 

The 7 (silly) Facts about Me:

  1.  I'm eighteen years old and I am convinced that as long as there is the word 'teen' in my age I am still a teenager because I don't know how to adult.
  2.  I have a blue blankee with two bears on it and I plan on bringing it with me to college; along with my stuffed animal tiger named Simba.
  3.  My sister is a picky reader and I've been trying to find books for her since forever. I'm really proud of the fact that she likes Shatter Me and am still searching for a scary book for her.
  4.  In middle school, I had the worse short hair style ever. It still haunts me. My mom even admits that she thought it was hideous but never told me... even though she was the one to cut my hair.
  5.  My favorite candy is Airheads. I remember when I was young I got a Costco pack for Christmas.
  6.  I have this unfortunate habit of saying "Treat yo self" every time I try to debate a big purchase in my head. Every. Time.
  7.  I hate driving so much.

I nominate:

Although they were already nominated, I would also like to name: Aentee and Mishma :)

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